English Site under construction

Welcome english-speaking visitors!

The english website of SKYZO, the Audio Urban Game is under construction.

For the moment, you may go to the main french site here

What is SKYZO ?

SKYZO is a first-of-a-kind immersive Audio Alternate Reality Game in binaural sound, unique encounter between a soundwalk, a treasure hunt and a videogame plot and gameplay, spread into a full transmedia storyworld…

The story : Skylander is an historian, and Time Agent, who travels through audio-time in order to solve historical riddles, thanks to a special neuronal implant named INTRAS. Unfortunately, the implant has disordered him, and he became paranoiac and schizophrenic. Dive with him at the heart of an immersive plot, where you may never know whether things and voices you hear are real or not ! Start the game on the web, and live it into the real world. Choose your team, interact with other players, steal audio hints and protect your assets, choose your strategy, alone or in team…

Skyzo is produced and designed by Gildas BENOIT and Sound-a-like